The Orphan We All Need To Adopt


I know over the last day or so I have been harping on about shows I missed last year that were ace; well guess what here’s another one!

The hype for BBC America show Orphan Black was mainly through good old word of mouth, so after finally taking the plunge with the pilot I found one of the most original shows I’d seen in a long while.

The main theme through the ten part series is regarding human cloning, but despite a bit of trepidation on how it would be handled the show has you hooked from almost the first few minutes as the totally oblivious Sarah Manning finds that her life is part of something much bigger.

We follow the exploits of her and half-brother Felix as they find out that Sarah was part of a cloning program which was successful, but with now possible sinister fates for each of Sarah’s ‘sisters’.

Series 2 is already greenlit for mid-April so if you get chance and you love a good bit of science fiction check out Orphan Black now.

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