The Future Is Fassbender


Forever late to the party, I indulged in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus this evening and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

Despite that big black xenomorph shaped shadow hanging over it; it created a fresh universe and story with some bigger messages.

At the forefront was Michael Fassbender as the android David, with the 37 year old German born actor set to hit the Hollywood big time in 2014.

With the release of his second venture into the X Men Universe; ‘Days of Future Past’ set to hit early summer time and rumours of a role in the new Star Wars film he could be the one we’re all talking about this time next year too.


Coincidentally starring in the critically acclaimed 12 Years a Slave at the moment, the sky could really be the limit.

Although he was excellent in X Men: First Class, it is his role in Prometheus which I think has shown he can really excel in a role which lets face it requires personality and ability to make it really come to life.

Who knows he may even be part of the muted Prometheus 2 –


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