Meet The Vergers Part One


As the second season of Hannibal draws ever closer (starting on 28th February), casting is coming thick and fast with Katherine Isabelle cast as Margot Verger.

You may recognise the actress from her star turn in one of the best horrors from last year; American Mary.

The character of Margot could be one of the shows most twisted characters yet if her portrayal even minorly mirrors the source text in Thomas Harris’ Hannibal. Although cut from the film version, Margot is the lesbian bodybuilder twin sister of the even more horrendous Mason Verger (played with verve by Gary Oldman in the 1999 film) who in the book kills her brother by feeding him to his pet eel.

Margot will come into the show as a patient of Hannibal’s, but Mason’s role could differ from the book which depicts him as a convicted paedophile who Lecter convinces to cut off his own face and feed it to his dogs. He will now be depicted as a fellow serial killer.

This follows the casting of the excellent Cynthia Nixon as Kade Prunell, who will monitor Jack Crawford’s culpability as Head of the Behaviorial Science Unit at the FBI.

Safe to say the casting of Mason Verger will certainly cause tremors within the television spheres very soon.



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