My Robocop Remake Wishlist



So we are just two weeks away from the remake of Robocop hitting cinemas across the world, and with no previews really getting onto the net yet everyone is just waiting to see if it lives up to the hype and the marketing put in by Sony Pictures.

There will be deviations from the classic original starring Peter Weller, most notably with Robocop donning a more modern jet black suit.

The most alarming change is that the rating of the film will be more 12A than the 18 rating of the original. Lest we forget that one of the reasons Robocop sets itself apart from other sci fi films in the eighties, is the extreme violence throughout.

Despite having a character coming back to life as part man part robot, it felt very grounded with Robocop tussling with gangsters from the streets of Detroit.

This Robocop won’t be killed before his transformation, with his family given the choice of him dying or becoming this servant of law enforcement for the rest of his life; this can work to its advantage with the morals and heartbreaking decision given to Alex Murphy’s wife.

Another factor working in the reboot’s favour is the casting, with some fantastic actors in various roles; which include Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman, Jackie Earle Haley and Michael Keaton.

One would hope that the sell for the film to get this calibre of cast on board will be enough to give us a worthwhile adventure. If it hits big at the Box Office, you can guarantee a new franchise of Robocop films which will hopefully avoid the flying antics of Robocop 3.

I will certainly be checking out some reviews on this one before giving in to the hype…..


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