Meet The Vergers Part 2

michael pitt


Some big news in the world of NBC’s Hannibal, with the cast of Michael Pitt (of Boardwalk Empire fame) as the twisted Mason Verger.

This comes shortly after the announcement of his twin sister Margot, who will be played by Katherine Isabelle.

The plan it seems is to integrate Mason much later in the series and have his storyline an ongoing one spanning seasons. For those that have read Hannibal, they will know Verger is a twisted man now wheelchair bound and disfigured heavily after being convinced by Lecter to feed his face to dogs.

He is also a convicted paedophile in the book who uses his family’s wealth to get out of jail time. The series is said to be pitching him as a fellow serial killer who may have attacked his twin sister in their youth, an incident which has left her broken and requiring psychiatric help; enter Hannibal Lecter.

Pitt’s casting is an excellent choice as anyone who has seen his deliciously twisted turn in Funny Games will testify.

We have also been teased with another short clip of Season 2 which premieres on February 28th on NBC.


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