Nice Move Creep!



As some of the more avid readers of this blog will know I had my concerns about the remake of Robocop which was released on Friday.

Reviews have been split with some saying it is a poor imitation with others hailing it as an excellent science fiction yarn on its own merits.

After watching it today I am happy to report that Robocop model 2014 is excellent. From the first few frames where we see Samuel  L. Jackson’s politically minded presenter Novak spout his ideals regarding the use of US manufactured machines (by billionaire Raymond Sellars) to p0lice the streets of the country, as they are across the globe.

Robocop and the use of machines over humans is a constant debate throughout which only becomes more enthralling as the film continues.

Enter Alex Murphy a Detroit cop on the cusp of a serious breakthrough that could shatter the core of the entire establishment. Before this can happen he is blow to kingdom come in.

Omnicorp the manufacturer of said machines offers Alex’s wife minor redemption by giving her the offer of having what’s left of her husband made into a law-enforcement machine.

The transformation would be under the watchful eye of Dr. Dennett Norton who had previously worked with war victims who have replacement robotic limbs. Norton played by the always excellent Gary Oldman, is in many ways Murphy’s Dr. Frankenstein as he creates the monster so to speak but then struggles to control him as Robocop becomes self aware.

There are similiarities to the original with the odd line thrown in to appease the fanboys, but make no mistake this film stands on its own two robotic feet and creates memorable characters and a story all of its own.

Michael Keaton’s Raymond Sellars is a stand out performance with his lust for power seeping out of the screen and his difference of opinion with his own employee Norton is a very interesting dynamic waiting to combust at any time, as Sellars makes demands that could kill Alex Murphy for a second time for the sake of a ‘greater good’ or so we are led to believe.

Oh and you do get to see ED 209 as well!



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