From the OC to Gotham City



The DC Comics plan for film and television domination has continued with further casting news for Fox’s Gotham TV series.

Ben McKenzie of The O.C fame has been cast in the main role as Jim Gordon.

There have been many questionable casting calls recently including the news of Jesse Eisenberg’s turn as Lex Luthor and infamously Ben Afleck being cast as the Dark Knight in Batman vs Superman.

I have to say I think this choice might turn out to be a positive one, with McKenzie more than able to handle the mantle of being Gotham’s main law enforcer.

What we know so far is that we will see early takes on classic Batman villains such as the Penguin, The Riddler and Catwoman. Hopefully the creators will take a leaf out of Arrow’s book and really create a world of their own and give a fresh spin on these characters.

The Riddler could certainly do with it, and The Penguin using the guise of a drug lord could be a sight to be hold.

I’m sure there will be opposition to McKenzie’s casting but I’m certainly willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope Fox can create something special with the undoubted back catalogue of faces they have to work with.



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