Dear Diary



So many shows have tried and failed in my humble opinion to really get what teenage life is all about. Whether it was the rather surreal at times Skins or the dreamy O.C; for us Brits I don’t feel a show really resonated with a majority.

That is until My Mad Fat Diary came along. I know I’m probably saying this as someone hurtling towards 30, but the show really encapsulates a lot of the emotions teenagers go through and the weird and wonderful relationships High School and College bring with them.

Whether it’s your own fears, who to hang out with, the cliques or the dreaded ‘What am I going to do with my life?’ conundrum; MMFD is the closest I have seen personally as an accurate depiction.

Whether it’s Rae’s struggles with her mental health issues to Chloe trying to fit in with the cool kids, or even Archie having to hide the fact he’s gay; there’s plenty going on that certainly makes you think.

So despite the excellent soundtrack and some great performances My Mad Fat Diary seems to have a bit more than that, it has characters you can resonate with and stories I’m sure we can all relate to on some level.

We are only mid-season but hopefully the show continues in this vein and makes it must-see-TV.

Right I’m off to catch the next episode on 4OD.

Be rude not to end it on a tune:


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