Doing Daredevil Justice


It was announced yesterday that Charlie Cox from Boardwalk Empire fame will play the lead role of Daredevil in the new NetFlix series.

Daredevil is another piece of Marvel’s masterplan to bring as many of its characters to life as possible, with three other shows based on the characters of Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

There will need to be a bit more work done to do Daredevil justice after the flop 2003 feature film starring the new caped crusader Ben Afleck.

It’s also a bold but innovative move to make this a NetFlix exclusive as the online channel seemingly goes from strength to strength.

I can say myself as a subscriber that there is enough content to justify the monthly fee, but the more original content the better just hopefully better than Hemlock Grove.

So over to you Marvel, don’t fail me like you did with Agents of SHIELD…..


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