Gone In a Flash


Since Supernatural first became a science fiction phenomenon on the CW, the station has slowly been growing its geek empire with shows such as The Vampire Diaries and more recently the excellent Arrow.

Now it’s the turn of The Flash this fall.

In a nutshell Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) becomes the fastest man alive after getting struck by lightning. After a brief two episode stint in Arrow’s stunning second season Barry return to his home city in what served as a brief origin story.

Now that is out the way he can really hit the ground running (see what I did there..) with his own adventures.

He will also be joined by the original Flash; John Wesley Shipp who also played Dawson’s dad in Dawson’s Creek and will now ironically play Barry’s father in this new series.

Given what the CW has done with Arrow, turning it from a fairly run of the mill show to must-see-TV I am willing to put some faith into The Flash and hopefully it can score another home run.

Lest we forget that DC is forming its own empire as I type with the Justice League now formally announced and Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice on the horizon. So there seems no better time for The Flash to hit screens and potentially become part of this new Justice League also alongside Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) perhaps.

We shall it’s early days but as you can see from this trailer; The Flash definitely has some legs in it….


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