Welcome to the Freakshow!



It only seems five minutes ago that the curtain came down on American Horror Story’s excellent third season subtitled Coven; but now news is starting to filter through regarding the 4th season.

American Horror Story: Freakshow will debut on FX this October, and again will tell the singular tale of a group of travelling circus freaks led for the final time by the incomparable Jessica Lange.

Lange confirmed before the finale of Coven that she would be leaving the AHS flock for pastures new after leading the show playing a crazy mother, a twisted nun in a mental asylum and the Supreme witch of a coven.

One thing Ryan Murphy and co. always seem to get right is the period they’re working in, so expect extensive details to go into te 1950’s style sets and character costumes.

Unfortunately not everyone is back this season with Taissa Farmiga who played Zoe in Coven and Violet in Season 1 choosing not to return.

Better news is the return of Angela Bassett, a major scene stealer from Coven as the voodoo queen Marie Laveau, with Cathy Bates, Evan Peters Denis O’Hare, Gabourey Sidibe and Sarah Poulson set to return but in what guise we’re not completely sure yet.

I will post casting news on here as soon as I hear about.

Here’s a clip from American Horror Story: Coven:

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