A Tour De Force of Swords


Finally we can talk about the finale of Game of Thrones’ 4th Season which concluded last night.

What.A.Season, a truly stunning series of episodes with so many highlights, twists and turns and ultimately in pure GOT-style some untimely departures.

From the moment King Joffrey was ousted in the second episode we knew that this season was going to be bold, little did we know this was just the tip of the iceberg.

We can run through a small fraction of the highlights including Sansa’s evolution, Arya & The Hound as an unforgettable duo and of course The Mountain vs. The Viper.

I have to admit I was reading a A Storm of Swords (the 3rd book which covers Season 3 & 4 mainly) during the series but deliberately slowed down my pace leading up to that battle.

Ironically once Oberyn’s crushing defeat was confirmed, the next chapter detailed this very scene. Of all the scenes put to film this was one of the most brutal, turning almost at the flip of a coin with sheer brutality which left your jaw on the floor.

Just when Game of Thrones couldn’t outdo itself, Prince Oberyn was no more.

When it comes to shocking we have to talk about the rape scene of Cersei by Jamie, all by the dead corpse of their son; pretty shocking stuff which had the censors up in arms.

The posters for the series led with the words; Valar Morghulis aka ‘All Men Must Die’, and boy was this ever true with some big characters and some less well known biting the dust, including:

The aforementioned Joffrey, Tywin Lannister, Oberyn Martell, Lysa Arryn, Jojen, Ygritte, Grenn and Pyp. Oh and how could I forget Ser Dontas….

Valar Morghulis indeed.

So where does this leave us for Season 5 onwards? In a very different place, there will be retribution needed for the deaths of Tywin and Oberyn from different parties surely.

Is Cersei now back in charge in King’s Landing in the wake of her father’s murder?

Where will Tyrion and Varys escape to and how long can they stay hidden?

What of Brann and the 3 eyed crow and Jon and Stannis at the wall?

One spoiler from the book which seems to have been rightfully omitted was the appearance of ‘Lady Stoneheart’ a zombie version of Catelyn Stark who sets about on a murderous rampage. The story would have seemed very out of place but would have provided the viewers with a pulsating climax, who knows maybe next year.

In the meantime winter is coming and crows feast is ready to be devoured…..


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