Everybody Chill!



As previous readers of this blog I’m sure are aware, I’m extremely looking forward to FOX’s new series Gotham which will explore the early days of Jim Gordon and most notably some of the Dark Knight’s most well known villains.

Batman, who is celebrating his 75th birthday this year will not figure too much in Gotham it seems, but maybe with news today Mr. Freeze might.

Director Danny Cannon has spoken out saying he would love to introduce a more serious origin tale for Dr. Victor Fries aka Mr Freeze.

The character was famously smashed into tiny ice blocks with Arnold Schwarznegger’s portrayal in the woeful Batman & Robin in 1997; and hasn’t graced the big screen or even been considered since.

In this post-Dark Knight era maybe now is the time to re-integrate Freeze into Gotham city, and give a potentially brilliant character justice.

This of course as well as a good story, would require some good casting (please don’t apply Arnie).

It may all end in icy heartbreak, but given Poison Ivy and The Riddler are getting a second chance to make their mark; why not Mr. Freeze?


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