In A Galaxy Not So Far Away….



Every summer we have a blockbuster released which takes everyone by surprise and becomes the big hit.

Marvel have previous in this area with Iron Man all them moons ago becoming a smash hit and in turn making Robert Downey Jr. hot property in Hollywood again.

Enter the boldly titled Guardians of the Galaxy, another Marvel vehicle which looks their boldest move to date.

It looks to be Marvel’s first film of the huge project which will mash the Avengers bunch and characters from this film and upcoming titles such as Ant Man together for one giant franchise; that will be set completely in space.

The Thor films seem to be the closest we have come so far with their flipping from Asgard to Earth.

Casting is also key with potential next big thing the now slim-line Chris Pratt aka Peter Quill or Star Lord as he has coined himself taking the lead. Having stepped out of the shadows with this and next year’s Jurassic World, Pratt is hot property right now and his character if the trailers give us any clues has a bit of Han Solo in him.

And we haven’t even got to the Rocket Raccoon yet. In what could be GOTG’s secret  weapon, Bradley Cooper voices the mini menace who alongside Groot (a talking tree voiced by Vin Diesel) could be the new R2D2 and C3PO.

Director James Gunn has previous in the super hero sub genre with the excellent and underrated Super (2010), and can play it tongue in cheek as in 2006’s Slither.

Now if you aren’t sold already, Star Lord loves a bit of Blue Swede’s Hooked on a Feeling (famously covered by David Hasselhoff); what’s not to like?


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