Is An Arrow Aimed at the League of Assassins?



Casting news has finally hit the web for the much anticipated 3rd run of The CW’s Arrow.

After a stunning second season which saw Oliver Queen and co. finally take down Slade Wilson’s Deathstroke, we were left with seemingly a ground zero base to build from.

One of the biggest questions from this Arrowhead is; will we see a full introduction of the League of Assassins and potential new big bad Ra’s Al Ghul?

We have seen his daughter Nyssa, who had a previous relationship with Sarah’s Black Canary in Season 2; but Ra’s himself remained unseen and only talked about.

There is also now the evolution of Roy Harper’s Arsenal which finally reached a pivotal point in the series finale.

Given the wealth of DC Comics that Arrow can now draw from expect the character to come into play sooner rather than later, with surely a link back to now series regular Malcolm Merlin.

Could Thea Queen be trained in the ancient arts of the League of Assassins; warring siblings? We’ve seen stranger…..

And what of Harley Quinn teased so cheekily in the Suicide Squad……

Arrow is back in the fall on the CW and Sky One.


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