Twisty and Shout!


Promotion is really ramping up on the fourth season of American Horror Story’s 4th season, the gloriously titled ‘Freakshow’.

Here we will follow a travelling circus in the 1950’s, with what will be Jessica Lange’s final season as a lead on the FX show.

Premiering on Wednesday 8th October, Elsa Mars (Lange) is the leader of a travelling freakshow which takes a turn for the sinister when a clown called Twisty starts killing spectators and even his own companions.

Regulars returning are Kathy Bates (the bearded lady), Sarah Poulson (Bette & Dot), Angela Bassett (Desiree Dupree) Denis O’Hare (Stanley), Evan Peters (Jimmi Darling) and Gabourey Sidibe in an unnamed role at this point.

Creator Ryan Murphy has told BuzzFeed that he wants to create the most terrifying clown seen on screen before, even worse than Stephen King’s Pennywise from the classic horror tale IT.

If you’ve missed the teasers for American Horror Story: Freakshow check them all out in one video below:

American Horror Story:Freakshow premieres 8th October on FX.


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