Firing On All Cylinders


On the same night as the season premiere of American Horror Story: Freakshow, superhero spectacular Arrow returns for a third season.

Quickly leaving the void left by Smallville, the DC Comics tale of Oliver Queen aka Arrow/Green Arrow/Emerald Archer has become a big hit.

Taking it onto new levels the second season really expanding the Starling City universe and made this so much more than the Dark Knight clone it was labelled as in its early days.

We had a villain to remember in Slade Wilson’s Deathstroke and some shocking moments which made the series must-see.

Now producers are claiming a sort of reboot element to the third run, with fresh stories required; enter new big bad Ra’s Al Ghul. The Dark Knight Trilogy fans will remember this character portrayed by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins and briefly in The Dark Knight Rises.

Ra’s is the head of the mysterious League of Assassins (League of Shadows in the Batman universe) and will serve as chief adversary to Oliver this time round.

With some crossovers from The CW’s latest DC export The Flash and a potential new hero in Roy Harper’s Arsenal there’s plenty to look forward to.

Oh and did I mention John Barrowman is now a series regular again as Malcolm Merlyn aka Dark Archer. He will surely be part of the story that leads Ra’s Al Ghul to Starling City, if his affiliation to the League of Assassins is confirmed.

Watch this space, Arrow Season 3 starts 8th October on the CW.

Here’s a preview:


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