King of Terror


So today marks Stephen King’s 67th birthday, and still all of these years later he remains at the top of the tree for horror and fantasy novels.

We all have our favourites I’m sure so I thought I’d share some of mine.

Salem’s Lot 

A true trip through fear which at the time was seen as a new take on the vampire tale. It was adapted into a 3 hour TV Movie in 1979.


Adapted famously by John Carpenter in the 80’s, Christine tells the tale of a car with a psychotic mind of its own. Arnie Cunningham is a high school loser who gets the car of his dreams, but all isn’t as it seems.


Carrie White isn’t your normal high school girl, see a pattern emerging here. Carrie isn’t the most popular girl who just wants to go to the prom. Shame she has a crazy religious mother and supernatural abilities which may make here a less than likely candidate.

Pet Sematary

A tragic thriller where a young doctor moves to a mysterious town and finds they live nearby a mysterious burial ground. A terrifying tale of loss, terror and the supernatural.

If you have a favourite novel of Stephen King’s why not leave them in the comments section.

Happy Birthday Stephen!


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