A Confusing Genesis Of Timelines and Terminators

So given the flurry of blockbuster trailers within the last few weeks, it seems the final invitation to the party was delivered today in the form of Terminator: Genesys.

The most notable thing about what will the fifth entry in the Terminator franchise, is the return of one Arnold Schwarznegger to the role that made him a star.

He’s joined alongside Jai Courtney of Spartacus and Die Hard 5 and Amelia Clarke who certainly looks the part as Sarah Connor, channeling her inner Linda Hamilton.

The story suggests that Judgement Day can be prevented, but in this alternative timeline, Kyle Reese is sent back to the past to protect Sarah from the deadly Terminator, although it seems she already has some help from a familiar face.

Although X-Men: Days of Future Past managed to pull off the time travel riddle, I must admit to be a bit confused by this entry given what has gone before.

Safe to say we can forget about Terminator: Salvation and T3, with this looking more likely to be a direct sequels to the first and possibly second films.

I am going to reserve judgement (no pun intended) until further footage airs.

Terminator Genesys opens next summer.

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