Why Finn Wittrock Is The Breakout Star of American Horror Story

AHS_091014_0716_hires2 copy

I think it would be fair to suggest that American Horror Story: Freakshow has been frustrating thus far.

Episode of brilliance mixed in with mediocrity bordering on a soap opera; but the one consistent success story has been Finn Wittrock’s portrayal of the twisted Dandy.

He is the archetypal rich kid who has more wealth than he knows what to do with, coupled with an overbearing mother he hides a darker more sinister side.

This is until he crosses paths with Twisty the Clown, who as it happens has been on a murderous spree through his local town.

Here he sees someone he can finally relate to, but now in Twisty’s absence he has really taken centre stage as a ‘freak’ who isn’t part of the circus.

Plus the scene of him bathing in his mother’s blood at the close of the latest episode was one of the most shocking and powerful images of the season so far.

If American Horror Story can maintain their focus on this monster the series which has been disjointed can certainly end on a positive and allow Jessica Lange to leave with her head held high.


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