Fannibals Spotted in Florence

It’s spreading like wildfire that Hannibal Season 3 filming is well under way.

The second unit of the production have been spotted in the beautiful setting of Florence, Italy with some familiar faces and some new ones.

Most notable is Gillian Anderson’s Bedelia Du Maurier alongside our favourite cannibal/psychiatrist.

Also spotted are who will become Chief Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi, who for those of us well versed in the Lecter mythology, meets a horrific end in Hannibal the book/film.

Don’t forget Bryan Fuller has also confirmed that this season we will see former Lecter mentor Lady Murasaki as well as the first appearance of Francis Dolarhyde aka The Tooth Fairy. Add to this Mason Verger hellbent on revenge for Hannibal and you have the makings of what hopefully will be another season of epic horror.

So here’s some behind the scenes pictures for those who can’t wait for the projected air date of next February.

Bon appetit Fannibals!

10432468_10203346624731820_769432000212377355_n 10801666_10203419635757050_3212023874869289304_n 10847869_10203415530934432_7477078956009347488_n Fortunato Cerlino as Rinaldo Pazzi B3xKkPdCcAEhkaz


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