Meet The Vergers Part 3


News from the third season of NBC’s Hannibal is coming thick and fast with the latest being the re-casting of Mason Verger.

One of season 2’s most memorable and horrific monsters played with such verve by Michael Pitt will be replaced by Joe Anderson who has previously appeared in Across the Universe and The Divide.

I have to admit to being slightly disappointed as Pitt really made the character his own, certainly providing a more rounded portrayal than Gary Oldman’s version who in his defence had already been disfigured by Lecter.

As previously mentioned in this blog, part of the plot of Season 3 will centre around Verger’s hunt for Lecter and his quest for revenge.

Hopefully Anderson can continue the good work started by Pitt in Season 2. Expect a slight role reversal with Margot now being the tormentor to the now crippled and disfigured Mason.

In Bryan Fuller we trust!

Hannibal Season 3 returns in 2015.


Oh and here’s some more behind the scenes pictures from the shoots in Florence; god only knows what its going on but it looks epic.

2425D26700000578-2879703-A_bloody_sight_Mads_Mikkelsen_was_back_as_serial_killer_Hannibal-m-48_1418935673859 2425158C00000578-2879703-image-m-29_1418935334863 normal_026 normal_051

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