The Dwarf Who Became a Fairy?

1400193_695248260488487_320403599_o manhunter-dolarhyde

Interesting news coming from today is that Richard Armitage, who portrayed Thorin Oakshield recently in the Hobbit trilogy, has been cast as Francis Dolarhyde aka The Tooth Fairy in the 3rd season of Hannibal.

It would again be an interesting choice of casting, especially since in my humble opinion he was the star of the show in ‘The Battle of the Five Armies’. Every scene he was in, he completely took charge of really portraying a tragic hero.

The Tooth Fairy would certainly be a flip of this character as Dolarhyde has previously been portrayed as a tragic killer who doesn’t like his work but can’t stop.

Given previous casting decisions, if this is true we have to trust Bryan Fuller and his crew given the casting decisions so far for major characters has been pretty spot on.

Hannibal Season 3 starts later this year, and will incorporate stories from the Red Dragon, Hannibal and possibly Hannibal Rising novels by Thomas Harris.


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