Is The Truth Still Out There?


During the recent TCA press tour executives at FOX gave the strange news that they are looking to revive the cult classic ‘The X Files’ 13 years after it ended.

Clearly inspired by the comeback of Twin Peaks (a show the X Files paid homage to often enough) which is set to air its third season in 2016, FOX thinks its time to get Mulder and Scully back together.

At the height of its fame, the show was the biggest show on television producing five seasons of excellent science fiction mixed with horror.

Sadly after the 1998 feature film ‘Fight the Future’ the show never really recovered its former glory with both Mulder and Scully leaving the show for notable periods of time, the show lost its spark.

By the time long gestated finale ‘The Truth’ aired in 2002, the show had seemingly ran its creative juices dry; with the date set for the alien invasion and the majority of loose ends tied up the show went out on a moderate high.

David Duchovny has expressed an interest in returning for a limited run of the show, with Gillian Anderson once again hot property with her turns on The Fall and Hannibal maybe now is the time to re-introduce essentially a new generation to Mulder and Scully.

Like Lynch’s return to Twin Peaks, The X Files definitely would need Chris Carter back at the helm and a fresh story that could essentially wipe the slate clean and give us a whole new mythology to ponder over (maybe not for 9 years or so this time though).

I would definitely say I’m intrigued by news of the X Files return, but like Scully on the show it is with a degree of skepticism that I take the news.

Here’s a featurette from my favourite episode The Host from Season 2:


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