A Detective’s Second Calling


Even though I was a late comer to the party, it’s fair to say I agree with the universal consensus that True Detective was the finest show on TV in 2014.

Sure it had the might and budget of HBO behind it, but the 8 episode arc became a fascinating story which left you engrossed almost until the last reel.

Season 2 will also feature an entirely new cast with some big shoes to fill.

Enter the much-maligned but occasionally brilliant Colin Farrell, who will be joined by Vince Vaughn (an interesting casting choice) and the very talented Taylor Kitsch (of Friday Night Lights fame).

The great news is that Nic Pizzolatto who wrote the entire first season will return again, but Cary Fukunaga is only Executive Producer this time round having secured the sizeable task of the remake of Stephen King’s IT.

Pizzolatto’s plot this time will centre around an occult history with the transportation system in America, so again complex but hopefully compelling also.

One of the telling factors of Season 1 was catching Matthew McCaughney at possibly the height of his power, coupled with Woody Harrelson on superb form. Can this be replicated by Farrell, Vaughn and Kitsch? Only time will tell.

Safe to say if it even comes close to hitting the heights of its first run, True Detective will once again become essential viewing.


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