Haus of Horrors


First news on American Horror Story’s fifth season has broke today; with the news that Lady Gaga will star in the show.

You could say in many ways that this is a perfect fit given some of her bizarre music videos (see Alejandro) and erratic dress sense (meat dress anyone?).

This will be the first series without Jessica Lange after she stated that Freakshow would be her final appearance and although it was a very disjointed series many loyal fans will be sad to see the last of Lange headlining the anthology series.

American Horror Story: Hotel looks to be set around a set of characters maybe going down the route of Psycho/Bates Motel running a Hotel somewhere. No other details have been forthcoming at this stage, just that the series will debut this fall on FX.

From a personal point of view I would definitely like to see the return of Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe (in a bigger role) and Finn Wittrock who was the best thing about Freakshow as the twisted Dandy.

In terms of outgoing personnel, I think Angela Bassett and Denis O’Hare weren’t really used to their full potential last series and wouldn’t be overtly concerned if they didn’t return.

Here’s Gaga announcing her appearance on American Horror Story: Hotel –

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