Follow You Follow Me


It’s quite a usual tagline for the horror genre; ‘The scariest film in years….’, and few of them live up to this billing.

Enter the latest film to take this crown, ‘It Follows’; luckily it completely hits the spot and is genuinely terrifying.

The premise on first glance is questionable with a killer presence passed on to lovers after sex; which doesn’t stop until it kills you.

So sex does in fact = death in the horror genre.

What I forgot to mention is how stylishly ‘It Follows’ wears its genre badges on its sleeve with pride with frequent nods to Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street, with its German expressionist style and haunting and intense music.

Maika Monroe who shone in her recent turn in the very entertaining The Guest, also steals the show with a great portrayal of our heroine who is resourceful and even a little flawed at times.

It’s impossible to go into too much detail about ‘It Follows’ without spoiling its twists, but safe to say if you do see it, it will certainly leave its mark on you.

Hopefully this won’t be the only outstanding horror film of 2015, over to you Hollywood.

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