Savoring the Final Hunt


The news that Hannibal will be no more after the current third season is starting to sink in with Fannibals.

Safe to say ‘Contorno’ was the show at its glorious and bloody best. Hannibal’s enemies are starting to close in on him; Will, Chio, Jack, Alana, Pazzi and of course Mason.

This week’s episode was lifted mainly from the ‘Hannibal’ book by Thomas Harris with many scenes cleverly switched around and adapted to incorporate the overall narrative.

It will be fascinating to see how this plays out next week as Will and Hannibal meet again, and what will be the fall out from that.

One of the reasons Mads Mikkelsen is arguably the greatest visual portrayal of Lecter yet is the way he strikes quick and decisively; almost like a wild animal. As with Pazzi and in a previous episode when he slits the throat of his and Bedelia’s dinner guest.

Hannibal has the upper hand on most because they don’t know what he is, but Will and Jack do and this could be his undoing.

Mason has also been offered some of the funniest lines of the series so far, his ‘spitters are quitters’ in ‘Contorno’ certainly caused a chuckle.

So the table has been laid for the final supper for Hannibal, the only question now is who will he be dining with?


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