What We Need From Creed


The second trailer for Rocky spinoff ‘Creed’ recently hit the net and has certainly got fans of the franchise talking again.

Although Rocky Balboa in 2006 undid some of the mess that was Rocky V, many still felt there was more story to tell. So here we have Balboa taking on the ‘Mickey’ role of coach and training the late Apollo Creed’s (Carl Weathers) son Adonis to become the next prospect.

In some great casting Director Ryan Coogler has brought in Michael B. Jordan, who he had worked with previously on the superb and gritty Fruitvale Station, as Adonis.

Forget the disaster that was Fantastic Four, under the right tutelage Jordan has got some serious talent as shown previously on Friday Night Lights and The Wire before Fruitvale.

We also have a real life World Champion involved in the mold of Super Middleweight king Andre Ward and light heavyweight contender Tony Bellew; who will no doubt revel in a more villanous role.

Stallone has also finally given up the ghost of boxing as he nears his 70th year and has taken the natural backstep to trainer. There will be many homages to the glory days and odd cheesy line, lest we forget that it’s a Rocky film, but Creed definitely has potential to be another knockout.

Creed is released this November.

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