Queens Worth Screaming About


Tuesday night saw the premiere of Ryan Murphy’s latest show the horror comedy Scream Queens. Starting with a double episode we got to know the students from the Kappa Kappa Tua sorority.

Mixing the casting from his previous efforts American Horror Story and Glee the show effortlessly combines a who-dunnit serial killer mystery alongside some slapstick comedy.

It’s not short of familiar faces too with Jamie Lee Curtis playing Dean Munsch and guest stars Nick Jonas and Ariana Grande also making notable contributions.

The key to Scream Queens’ strong opening is that it simply doesn’t take itself too seriously and has some fun. The best kind of horror films of recent times are ones that can poke fun at themselves whilst sticking to their horror principles.

With American Horror Story hitting the buffers for the first time last season with inconsistencies and Jessica Lange leaving, Scream Queens could become its natural heir.

I’m sure there will be plenty of red herrings and secrets revealed along the way to finding out who is behind the Red Devil mask, let’s hope this is just the beginning and it goes from strength to strength.

Scream Queens will debut on E4 in UK this Autumn.


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