Screams of Boredom


I think we all called it from the first announcement but MTV’s Scream TV series is truly dreadful.

Having now being added to the Netflix UK schedule I swallowed my pride and took in 3 episodes earlier this evening before turning it off. Some would say that was 2 episodes too much but I thought I would keep an open mind and hope it would improve; it didn’t and in fact it got even more tedious.

The premise that Scream’s whodunnit theme could be extended to a TV series was skeptical enough to begin with, but when they fail to execute the ‘rules’ if you will that made the film series a money maker, it just smacks of blind ignorance.

Clearly the late Wes Craven had very little or no input into this woeful imitation of his classic genre defining classic.

The infamous Ghostface mask is nowhere to be seen, which was probably the only thing that could have tied this show to its slasher roots; alas we have a poor replica of sorts.

There’s always cries from the horror fraternity when we hear that our favourite flicks from yesteryear are becoming TV series (Friday the 13th is next on the CW), as it appears the ‘in’ thig right now; but others have shown it can work.

Anyone who has read this blog before knows how much I enjoyed the Hannibal series which has recently been cancelled; whereas Scream has a second series greenlit; logic? Just poor taste really.

If there was one show Scream could have learnt from it would have been Bates Motel, the prequel series to the Psycho tales of Norman Bates, which has been effortlessly updated to the modern day.

That has just been renewed for a further 2 seasons following its third run earlier this year.

Safe to say unless Scream undergoes a huge face lift, it won’t be seeing any renewals never mind multiples anytime soon.

If you want your horror fix with some added laughs stick to Scream Queens or wait until American Horror Story Hotel starts next week.


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