Krampus is Coming to Town

Just when you were looking for a seasonal themed horror films, two come along at once.

Yes this year we will be treated to 2 horror tales about the Grimm fairytales mythical anti-Santa Claus; the mysterious Krampus.

Barring 2012’s half decent Silent Night (a loose remake of Silent Night Deadly Night) there haven’t been any attempts at satisfying horror’s fan need for yuletide themed terror.

Luckily we’re in safe hands too, with Trick R’ Treat’s Michael Dougherty taking the reins for ‘Krampus’, which looks to be the more visceral, going for a straight up scare ride.

Whereas the cheesily titled Christmas Horror Story is fronted by Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner playing it firmly tongue in cheek.

The latter recently debuted at Film 4’s Frightfest to positive reviews, calling it a bonkers but fun ride. The trailer even teases a showdown between the beast and Santa himself.

‘Krampus’ is keeping its cards firmly nearer to its chest though, with just a trailer and some very minimalistic artwork so far, teasing their anti-Claus.

The character itself from the tales and an appearance in Grimm’s third season, is said to punish the children who are naughty by kidnapping them, chaining them up before killing them.

It is about time we had some decent Christmas-themed horror films to sit alongside Black Christmas (1974), Silent Night Deadly Night and the superb and vastly underrated Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

Check out the trailer for Krampus & Christmas Horror Story below:


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