Telling Tales of Halloween


So last night I had the pleasure of watching the brand new All Hallows Eve themed anthology film Tales of Halloween.

Despite Trick R’ Treat pretty much becoming a horror classic using a similiar formula 8 years ago, this film will certainly sit alongside it for years to come.

The difference with ‘Tales’ is the number of stories is upped to ten, with a different Director for each giving their own unique spin on a short story.

Not all of the series will be to everyone’s tastes but for fans of horror films that do their homework, Tales of Halloween is an essential watch.

From the very first story ‘Sweet Tooth’ we are transported into suburban Americana, which as the Sheriff of the town says; goes ‘batshit crazy’ on Halloween.

This isn’t meant to be taken too seriously either, with plenty of laughs throughout ensuring the mood remains upbeat despite some great gore scenes and jump scares.

We even get some cameos from well known genre faces John Landis (American Werewolf in London), Lin Shaye (Insidious series) and Adam Green (Hatchet series).

So while we wait for the return of Sam and the Trick R’ Treat series, I would definitely recommend spending some time finding out the Tales of Halloween; you won’t be disappointed.


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