Checking Into Hotel Cortez


I must admit that when I heard Jessica Lange wouldn’t be coming back for American Horror Story’s fifth season ‘Hotel’ I was concerned that this would send the show into terminal decline.

Although we’re only 3 episodes into the Lange-less season the signs are extremely positive so far. The show has gone darker again, tonally more similiar to the first series and Asylum.

I find American Horror Story is at its best when it’s trying to shock us with some memorable visuals; and we’ve had a few so far already. From Sally’s crushed teeth, James March’s murderous rampage backstory to that orgy scene; the show is going all out to shock and well horrify us.

Lady Gaga’s Countess has been used sparingly so far, although when she’s there you do know about, there is an aura to the character that’s almost hypnotic as she gets her claws into whoever she pleases.

I’m finding Chloe Sevigny’s Alex Lowe a fascinating character so far, with her tragic arc really magnified through her backstory; hopefully she will stick around a bit longer. Less said about Naomi Campbell’s role the better though.

The recent introduction of Angela Bassett’s vengeful Ramone Royale will spice things up, hopefully we won’t see a rehash of the Coven storyline where her voodoo queen went head to head with Lange’s Supreme.

American Horror Story needed a shot in the arm after the inconsistent Freak Show, and it looks like Hotel Cortez is the perfect home for the time being.

Here’s the haunting opening credits for your viewing pleasure:


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