Craving a Deathgasm


Heavy metal has always had a synergy with horror films, right back to the days of Dokken and Alice Cooper’s contributions to the Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th series’ respectively.

For fans of both, Deathgasm is the ultimate love letter to that 80’s era when horror and metal ruled the world.

Brodie is a loner after he moves to a new town after his mother is committed to a mental asylum. He’s the only kid who really likes metal music; this is until he meets Zakk a rocking kindred spirit.

From here they form a band with Brodie’s new found friends Dion and Giles and form; you guessed it – DEATHGASM. All in upper case, as lower case is for pussies apparently.

What they don’t know is that their music will bring on a demon apocalypse.

The most refreshing thing about Deathgasm and of horror films of late in general, is the sheer amount of fun there is to be had. Most recently Tales of Halloween, The Final Girls and Lost After Dark have all showcased this, and Deathgasm will sit alongside these films as one of best rides of the year.

Taking its cue from splatstick classics such as the Evil Dead series, Deathgasm has enough gore to fill three films and throw in some killer laughs and you have a winning formula. I won’t spoil too much but one sequence will have you rolling around the floor with laughter at how bonkers it is.

Overall we leave our brains at the door, strap ourselves in and enjoy a soon-to-be splatter classic which is Director Jason Lei Howden’s ode to a time when horror films we’re taking over the world like a demon apocalypse.

Death to Fake Metal!


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