Sometimes They Come Back


Ted Geoghegan’s debut ‘We Are Still Here’ is a rare best within the genre; a complete hybrid of styles which strangely works well.

What begins as a moody, atmospheric and scary feature for the first hour or so, completely descends into bloody madness for its final half hour. Horror films like ‘House of the Devil’ have been accused of having all the atmosphere and suspense but not having the pay off to back it all up, this is not true of ‘Still Here’.

We spend a lot of time getting to know couple Paul and Anne who move into a new house, in a new town for what seems like a fresh start after tragedy struck their family.

The location is also gorgeous, as the house seems to be on its own in the icy and wintry town which makes our characters even more isolated before they’ve even come through the door.

What they didn’t know is their new house has a history, always the way isn’t it?

From here things start to go bump in the night, and the day for that matter slowly we get to learn there is more to the previous owners than we thought.

The jump scares are calculated and shocking at times, and when the blood starts flowing later on it goes everywhere imaginable.

‘We Are Still Here’ is a stylish horror film, which uses mood over gore at least for the most part, but when it cuts loose in the finale we get a pay off you won’t forget any time soon.

Remember this house needs a family….


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