Wolves on a Train


The micro genre of werewolf films was definitely in need of some fresh blood so to speak, and gladly Paul Hyett’s Howl is an impressive and action packed romp which bares its teeth from the start.

In a nutshell we have a train which becomes stranded in the middle of nowhere in southern England, and from here the passengers and crew are terrorised by a pack of bloody thirsty werewolves.

What sets ‘Howl’ apart is that we really get to know the majority of the characters, their personalities and more importantly how they react in a crisis.

After setting the scene with train staff member Joe for the opening scenes, from here the film goes right for the jugular building plenty of tension with plenty of gore to boot.

‘Howl’ works in a similiar vein to werewolf classic ‘Dog Soldiers’ ensuring our characters are fleshed out, so if they do bite the dust we can feel some sympathy for them

The special effects for the werewolves are decent enough too, showcasing a hybrid-like look between wolf and man (these wolves walk on two legs).

Much like a full speed train ‘Howl’s’ greatest quality is that it never runs out of steam and keeps us entertained until the final reel.

‘Howl’ is the finest werewolf in a decade easily, and will rank alongside classics like Dog Soldiers and An American Werewolf in London for years to come.


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